Free Initial Diagnostics

Eagle Transmission’s Free Initial External Diagnostic Service is vital to correctly determining the actual cause of the symptom that your transmission is experiencing. This free service is a $200 value and consists of 4 major steps:

  1. Fluid Condition Check: The very first step of the Eagle Transmission initial diagnostic inspection is to check the condition of the fluid. While this may seem, at first mention, to be a minor step it is actually a prime indicator of any transmission problems. The fluid in your automatic transmission is much like the life blood of the transmission. The Eagle Transmission technician is a trained expert at recognizing the various stages of transmission fluid deterioration.
  2. Road Test: The road test is conducted on vehicles that have an irregular or unusual shift symptom. At Eagle Transmission, our expert diagnostic technicians have many years of experience and can often recognize a symptom quickly due to common failures that occur on the various transmission types. If the vehicle can be safely driven, the road test is the beginning point to and accurate repair requirement.
  3. External Visual Inspection: The next step in the Eagle Transmission free initial diagnostic inspection is an external visual inspection. In order for this step to be conducted, the vehicle will be placed on a lift and raised overhead for clear visual access to the transmission. The Eagle Transmission technician will thoroughly check the shifter linkage for damage, determine if any leaks are clearly visible, check all of the electrical connectors for damage or loose fit.
  4. Computer Diagnostic Scan: The final step in the diagnostic process is to check for any stored trouble codes on your vehicle’s ECM (engine control module). These codes are also known as “P” codes. This will allow the technician to determine if there are any problems with the electronic controls and may give an indication of a possible minor repair that may correct the transmission issues.