Brake Repair and Service

One of the foremost important aspects of your vehicle is maintaining your brakes properly. After all, your car will not be able to stop properly which will end in an exceedingly dangerous crash. Brake repair and maintenance is surprisingly lower in price than what you may expect. Pay attention to the behavior of your vehicle. In doing so, you can solve brake issues before they get pricey or dangerous.


According to, 30,000 to 70,000 miles is the lifespan of the typical set of brakes. You will need to make sure you have your brakes replaced when they are showing signs of wear. Squealing, grinding and/or  high pitched squeaks is usually a smart indication that your brakes and/or brake pads need serviced or replacing.


Make sure you never ignore certain sounds or noises when driving your vehicle. You will likely need your brake pads replaced if you have a rough feel from your foot lever, or when you hear a grinding sound. Take care of this problem early, it’s important. If you put off a repair this will cause extra issues such as your brake fluid lines losing pressure or broken rotors and compromise your safety. Please bring your vehicle in  and let our technicians who are specialists take care of your vehicle’s brake issues or concerns.


If you have delayed in replacing your brake pads or have had many pad replacements, then your rotors may want to get replaced additionally.


Properly maintaining your brakes is extremely vital to your safety. Unless you are knowledgeable in repairs, have us check them here at the Eagle Transmission shop. Vehicle maintenance is important to ensure safety to everyone on the road. Check your vehicles manufactures manual to see when you should bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance check-ups. Feel free to stop by our shop and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that your may have.