The Difference and Importance between Alternators & Batteries

If you believe that your car may need an alternator, battery there are many tests that need to be executed to be able to make sure that the issue has been identified. Here are some the tests:

  • Load check the alternator
  • Check all belts for to make sure they are in good condition and have good tension
  • Load test the battery
  • Look for the proper voltage regulator issues
  • Search for wire connectors and make sure they  are corroded or free

It is important to identify the issue when possible. A bad alternator will add more stress on your own battery which could reduce its life expectancy. Likewise a battery that’s not keeping the appropriate charge will place a pressure on the alternator and may affect engine efficiency. In reality possibly high or reduced voltage might damage you vehicle’s engine control computer. In case your vehicle is exhibiting signs including slow starting speeds, you lights flicker or dim, or the battery light came on.

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