Honda Odyssey Issues

Just a fast web search on Honda Odyssey can name a slew of articles on all of the issues that this explicit vehicle has had, significantly if you chop your search to transmission problems. Honda has had to recall this model many times over the last twenty years therefore any potential patrons ought to remember of the problems that drivers most ordinarily expertise with the Odyssey.

The Honda Odyssey contains a name for transmission defects and failures, significantly within the early 2000s. Some common issues according vary from general automotive problems like vibrations once braking, whining sounds and different difficulties with the ability steering to additional serious transmission issues like hassle shifting gears, clunking noises, and different problems that ar a results of faulty force converters. to boot, Honda has issued recollects for brakes, airbags, and their transmission systems.

A closer scrutinize Honda Odyssey transmission problems:

Vibrations throughout shifts: vibratory and shaking through the vehicle whenever there’s a gear shift is sometimes a proof of oncoming transmission failure.

Transmission lock: transmission protection is one among the foremost dangerous issues that occur in Honda Odyssey transmissions. this is often usually caused by low lubrication, leading to a gear tooth disruption and obtaining lodged in different transmission elements.

Downshift failure: this issue is one among several according with the Honda Odyssey moreover as 4L60E transmissions and will occur because of a range of reasons.

Gear slipping: this is often another common issue among 4L60E transmissions that happens once the transmission fails to urge enough power or at random downshifts.

Lubrication failure: once the gear mechanism doesn’t get enough lubrication, you’ll expertise a range of issues with the gear mechanism.

Gear shaving: this drawback happens once the gear mechanism doesn’t get enough lubrication, inflicting metal shavings to unfold throughout the transmission. This ends up in heating and different problems.

Grinding in reverse: the Honda Odyssey will expertise a problem once in reverse like not partaking and a loud grinding noise if it will interact.

Overheating: transmission heating within the Honda Odyssey has been a regular grievance among drivers and happens once transmission elements fail to urge enough transmission fluid and lubrication, resulting in a large number of issues.

How do i do know if I’m having transmission issues with my Honda Odyssey?

In some cases, transmission issues ar obviously obvious, even for somebody World Health Organization isn’t terribly intimate with cars. different times, transmission issues is delicate associated progress on you before finally escalating into an full-scale transmission failure. therefore however does one understand if you’re having transmission problems? Keep an eye fixed out for the subsequent signs, as these might indicate a transmission issue:

Strange smells – if you notice a burning smell or perhaps a wierd sweet smell, this might be indicative of one thing wrong along with your transmission fluid.
Transmission fluid leaks – your transmission fluid is significant to the health of your transmission. Not solely will it act as a lubricating substance for all of the moving gears and elements, however it additionally is a agent, preventing your transmission heating. If you notice a puddle of cerise fluid to a lower place your automobile, you will have a transmission fluid leak.
Slow response/delay in shifting – this is often a tangle that’s sometimes caused by a transmission issue, however a radical diagnosing is critical to see the precise cause.
Clunking, humming, or whining noises – as a rule, you shouldn’t be hearing any strange noises returning from your vehicle, as this is often a proof of hassle. the most effective thanks to confirm the explanation for the noise is to own your vehicle diagnosed by a transmission specialist.
Grinding, shaking, or vibratory – transmissions ar meant to run swimmingly with none jerking, grinding, or exhausting vibratory. If you notice any of those hassle signs, bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission quickly to avoid additional harm.
Check engine light-weight – whereas a check engine light-weight doesn’t essentially mean you have got a transmission drawback, it’s necessary that you just don’t ignore the sunshine. Eagle Transmission offers free initial nosology tests therefore you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your automobile is in smart hands within the event that your check engine light-weight will return on.


When considering buying a Honda Odyssey, it’s necessary that you just do your analysis and have a respectable transmission specialist with Eagle Transmission conduct a radical nosology take a look at to make sure that your potential new vehicle is in peak operating condition.

If you already own a Honda Odyssey, remember of the common problems that different drivers have according with this create and model and keep an eye fixed out for hassle signs in your own automobile. It’s ne’er an honest plan to still drive your vehicle if there ar signs of a transmission issue. Transmission issues is abrupt, however they will even be avoided with regular maintenance and if you pay shut attention to the health of your automobile as a full.

Call or visit Eagle Transmission search of Friendswood for additional info or to schedule a rendezvous for a free initial nosology take a look at. we tend to ar those to Trust for all of your transmission and general automotive repair desires.