Automatic Transmission Repair in El Lago, Texas

Eagle Transmission would like to welcome you to our El Lago automatic transmission service. We know few things can cause a car owner more concern and consternation than questions about possible transmission repair or replacement.

Let our professional transmission rebuild shops in El Lago TX help take some of the mystery out of the process. We offer proactive and emergency assistance when you are dealing with your auto’s transmission.

Expert service by an expert staff

Our automatic transmission service in El Lago TX is well established and experienced with over three decades in business. We never take our customers for granted so we are trusted by tens of thousands of clients. Just what does all this mean to you, a new customer?

Our Eagle El Lago automatic transmission service mechanics are licensed, bonded and insured. Aside from transmission worries, the next concern for the car owner is generally finding a trustworthy shop.

To that end, Eagle Transmission, unlike many transmission rebuild shops in El Lago TX, is an ethics based business focused on customer service and quality we stand behind. We wholeheartedly believe if we take care of the people, the rest will take care of itself. Our commitment to others is not limited to our clientele but to the community as a whole, serving as Membership Director to the Nassau Bay Lions Club Centennial 100 and assisting the Friendswood Chamber of Commerce annual car show and Christmas Parade.

Free diagnostics and a four-step plan will help you move forward with the best decisions for your vehicle:

  • Fluid condition check. Transmission fluid is your car’s lifeblood and is a prime indicator of the health of your vehicle.
  • Road test. Irregular or unusual shift symptoms must be diagnosed quickly by a professional for your safety.
  • External visual inspection. We put your vehicle up on the lift and inspect the transmission for damage or leaks.
  • Computer diagnostic scan. The final step is to check for any stored trouble codes on your ECM (engine control module).

This free diagnostic from Eagle’s El Lago transmission rebuild shops is a $200 value.  Your business and safety is vital to us.

We know you will find a trusted partner in Eagle Transmission’s El Lago automatic transmission service and this diagnostic is just the first step toward the health and life of your vehicle. Book an appointment online right now.

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