All of our auto mechanics and staff members are fully licensed, eligible, bonded, and insured.


For more than 30 years now, Eagle Transmission is the brand trusted by tens of thousands of satisfied customers.


We offer a free diagnostic scan and will provide you with the next steps to address the repair that your car or truck requires.


When it involves quality, Eagle Transmission is second to none. Our company motto, “The One to Trust” is a pledge that we take seriously.


We value each and every one of our customers and expect you to tell your family and friends about us, as well as come back to us for your automotive service and auto repair needs. We hold the quality of our service and parts to the highest standards. You can be assured we are using correct parts and all work done is inspected and tested before your car is returned to you.
Eagle Transmission Houston has been Owned and operated by Since 1999. Over 100 Years of combined transmission experience and with our state of the art facility, Eagle Transmission Shop of Friendswood gets the job done right,  giving you peace of mind.

Our transmission repair service goal is to provide each customer the highest quality, honest and affordable transmission repairs and services. Our reputation has been built one satisfied customer at a time. We look forward to helping you with your transmission maintenance, repair, and service needs to keep your car, truck or suv safe, reliable and on the road. Eagle Transmission offers a Written Warranty, No Credit Check Financing available, various discount plans, Free Towing, and Free Diagnostics. Restrictions apply, Call for details. Eagle Transmission Shop of Friendswood, “The one to Trust”!


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At Eagle Transmission of Friendswood we provide all the services your vehicle needs including repair, maintenance, complete diagnostics, fluid changes, and more. We provide services for all vehicle types so you know you’re in good hands no matter what you drive.


Eagle Transmission’s Free Initial External Diagnostic Service is vital to correctly determining the actual cause of the symptom that your transmission is experiencing. This free service is a $200 value and consists of 4 major steps:

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4×4 vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. One thing that most all wheel or 4×4 have in common is a transfer case. The transfer case component is designed to redirect the torque produced through the transmission to either the rear axle or both front and rear axle. One of the most common failures is damage to the mesh chain that is the primary means to redirect the torque.



First, please do not assume you need a transmission rebuild. If you call just any transmission shop and tell them you need a transmission rebuild, many shops will sell you a rebuild, even if you don’t need it. It’s best to tell a shop you are experiencing some problems and would like your transmission diagnosed.

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We know you count on your air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable inside while it is hot and muggy outside. Bring your vehicle in to Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair and one of our ASE Certified trained air conditioning specialists will inspect your car’s air conditioning system, including, all lines, evaporator, dryer, and compressor for leaks and wear.

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A bad alternator will add more stress on your own battery which could reduce its life expectancy. Likewise a battery that’s not keeping the appropriate charge will place a pressure on the alternator and may affect engine efficiency. In reality possibly high or reduced voltage might damage you vehicle’s engine control computer.

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One of the foremost important aspects of look after your vehicle is maintaining your brakes properly. After all, your car can be unable to prevent without the which ends in an exceedingly dangerous crash. Brake repair and maintenance is surprisingly lower in price than what you may expect. Pay attention to the behavior of your vehicle. In doing so, you can solve brake issues before they get pricey or dangerous.

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Your car’s suspension is accountable for smoothing out the ride and keeping the car up to speed. Specifically, the suspension maximizes the friction between the tires and also the road to supply steering stability and sensible handling. The suspension also provides comfort for passengers to limiting the impact of specific road conditions to not solely the car, but the passengers riding within.

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Eagle Transmission is proud to serve as the Houston best transmission repair shop, working hard for our clients to properly service their cars and trucks. If your vehicle is acting up, and you suspect the problem might be traced back to your transmission, then make a point to schedule an appointment with our team.

 Honest Houston transmission repair and rebuilds

Repairing or rebuilding your transmission can be a pricey endeavor — albeit, a very necessary one. A properly maintained and functioning transmission will ensure your vehicle is reliable and safe.

Eagle provides a straightforward, honest transmission rebuild estimate in Houston TX. In fact, honesty is a recurring theme in our business. We’re an ethics-based business that brings honesty and integrity to our line of work. Would you believe that 25% of our customers don’t have a transmission problem at all?

Many folks fear going in for transmission repair in Houston TX because they never know if the technicians are telling them the truth. Eagle Transmission offers clients peace of mind because we:

  • Provide free diagnostic testing: Before we can provide you with a Houston transmission rebuild estimate, we have to get to the bottom of your vehicle’s needs. You can’t tell what’s wrong simply by looking at it or driving the vehicle. We offer our clients extensive testing so we can show them a detailed report.
  • Don’t push unneeded services: If you visit the typical shop and ask for transmission repairs or a rebuild, then they’ll probably give it to you — whether you need it or not. We’re considered by many to be the Houston best transmission repair shop because we don’t utilize these tactics. We map out the most cost-efficient and effective route for our clients to address their vehicle’s needs.
  • Don’t overcharge our clients: Our rates are in line with the industry when it comes to Houston transmission repair and rebuilds. Plus, we approach our work with quality in mind — from high-quality parts (OEM or better) to a staff that is comprised of experienced, licensed and insured technicians.

When your vehicle requires transmission work, we know it can throw a serious wrench in your busy week. That’s why, as arguably the best transmission repair shop in Houston TX, we strive to provide convenient service. This means:

  • Free loaner cars
  • Free shuttle rides to and from work
  • Free towing

We want to make this process as painless as possible. So, rely on the expertise of the Houston best transmission repair shop by entrusting your vehicle with Eagle Transmission. We’re standing by to take a look at your vehicle. Schedule an appointment online right now.