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Texas City Automatic Transmission Shops

When you pick Eagle Transmission for our Texas City automatic transmission service, you are getting reliable, honest opinions from professionals that you can trust.

As longtime members of this industry, the team at Eagle cautions you when you are shopping around for help with your transmission needs. Going to the wrong transmission rebuild shops in Texas City TX will end up costing you in the long run. When you start your search at Eagle, we get to the bottom of your problem right away and map out a cost-efficient way to address it.

When it comes to automatic transmission service in Texas City TX, you have to be aware of some of the more common, high-pressure tactics some shops will try.

  • If Texas City transmission rebuild shops tell you that you require an RDI (remove, disassemble, inspect), then tell them ‘No thanks.’ This is a tactic used to trap customers into having no choice now that they committed to $500-$800 and their transmission is in pieces
  • Don’t assume you need Texas City automatic transmission service repairs or a rebuild. In fact, the problem you are experiencing might not even be a transmission issue to begin with. You need to work with a service that will effectively diagnose the problem first.
  • In fact, a diagnostic test is pertinent. None of the transmission rebuild shops in Texas City TX can tell you what’s wrong with your transmission until they thoroughly diagnose the problem. Anything else is just a guess.

That’s why Eagle Transmission places such an emphasis on thorough diagnostic testing. We want to be able to tell our clients without a doubt whether or not it is a transmission problem. If it is a transmission rebuild issue, we’ll provide them with an accurate quote that is guaranteed not to change. And, none of this work will cost them a penny until they give us authorization.

Don’t get caught in these traps — instead, turn to Eagle for our Texas City automatic transmission service.