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Shoreacres Automatic Transmission Shops

Eagle Transmission and our Shoreacres automatic transmission service is here to serve your vehicle and help protect you against being sold things you don’t need. We’ve been in the transmission business for more than 30 years and have seen it all.

Our transmission rebuild shops in Shoreacres TX offer a free diagnostic right up front to set your mind at ease. We can help you through the process of repairing or rebuilding your transmission with complete transparency.  You’ll never have to guess at what services are provided or what the costs will be.


Honest service for our clients

There are a few things we like all of our customers to remember. First and foremost. you do not need to have an RDI (remove, disassemble and inspect) ) in order to get a price range of what it is going to cost. We estimate that over 95% of the transmission shops out there use the RDI process. RDI’s are used as a sales tool, not a diagnostic tool. If they have you on the hook for $500-$800, there is much less risk of you saying no to the repair estimate later. In addition to the $500-$800, if you do say no, you have to pay another $500-$800 to have it put back together or take your vehicle away in pieces. See? They have you right where they want you!

Our automatic transmission service in Shoreacres TX first determines if you even need our services. We fully diagnose every vehicle and if we determine it is not a transmission issue, we still document our findings and share them with you. We’ll even refer you to a trustworthy general auto repair shop if you need one. And, keep in mind that we pride ourselves in NEVER accepting or charging referral fees which is very hard to find these days. That’s right, often your mechanic, car dealer service writer, tow truck driver etc. all make money off you for referring you to a shop. It has NOTHING to do with making sure you get taken care of.

Our Shoreacres automatic transmission service also uses a full “BANNER” kit when rebuilding a transmission, which includes all the seals, gaskets and bushings to reseal your transmission as well as all the clutches. We then further diagnose if there are problems to other parts and systems such as drums, pumps, snap rings, etc.

Unfortunately, many Shoreacres transmission rebuild shops cut corners and will try to get 2-3 transmission jobs out of one banner kit. That just means your transmission wasn’t built properly and won’t last as long as it should. Our goal is for your transmission to last well beyond our warranty…not the day after it expires!

If this sounds like Greek to you, don’t worry, this is what we do and our mechanics are licensed, bonded and insured, not to mention well-trained professionals. Our transmission rebuild shops in Shoreacres TX know the right way to do a transmission repair or rebuild but, more importantly, we know our first job is taking care of people. While not all rebuilds are the same, we don’t cut corners or skip steps. Your safety and our reputation is at stake!


Schedule an appointment with our team

Eagle’s Shoreacres automatic transmission service offers convenient scheduling for your free diagnostic through our handy online form. Fill it out or give us a call at 281-241-7734 to get on the road to a safe ride.