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La Porte Automatic Transmission Shops

You deserve an honest, helpful La Porte automatic transmission service, which is exactly what we offer here at Eagle Transmission. We are dedicated to the clients that we serve and focus on providing them with expert help for their transmission needs.

Finding trustworthy, reputable transmission rebuild shops in La Porte TX is essential — this is a specialized service that you can’t put in the hands of just anyone. Eagle Transmission provides you with peace of mind thanks to our highly experienced staff, state of the art equipment and our focus on providing outstanding service for our clients.

Transmissions are our specialty and we don’t do general auto repairs so we’re experts at figuring out if your problem is even the transmission to begin with. Over 25% of our customers find out it wasn’t their transmission.


What you risk by working with a subpar automatic transmission service in La Porte TX

When you team with La Porte transmission rebuild shops that are not especially skilled at this important work or they are focused on profits before people rather than providing superior services, you’re going to pay for it in a variety of ways. A common Eagle Transmission saying is “If we take care of people, the profits will take care of themselves.”

  • Money: If you can’t afford to get it done right the first time, you certainly can’t afford to have it done poorly 2-3 times. And, more so, you can’t afford to have a La Porte automatic transmission service try to sell you a transmission repair or rebuild when all you really needed was a $60 Throttle Position Sensor. That’s why Eagle conducts full diagnostics to show you exactly what your vehicle needs…even if it’s not transmission related. In fact, we’ll go one step further and refer you to a trustworthy general auto repair shop to get it done. All of this is made available to you at absolutely no cost.
  • Time: If transmission rebuild shops in La Porte TX are not efficient in their work, you’re going to pay with your time. Rebuilding a transmission can take more than 16 hours. That’s a lengthy service, and if it’s not done the right way the first time, it’s going to drag on far longer than it needs to.
  • Mobility: When you’re without your car, life seems to stand still. Not only does Eagle Transmission conduct efficient service but we also provide our clients with things like a free loaner car, shuttle to and from work and more. We truly partner with you to solve your entire problem, including the impact of not having your vehicle.

This just underscores the importance of working with the right La Porte automatic transmission service. Start by making an appointment with Eagle Transmission and we’ll get to the bottom of what is hampering your vehicle.